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        Protech: Professional technical supports and personalized customer services will be provided.

        The customer can get professional technical supports include optimization scheme recommended for the use of the product, advice and guidance for the product subsequent processing.

        Personalized customer services involve in R&D, production and processing services according to customers’ demands.

        Please call the consultation telephone 0086-10-80841369/80841379 or email johnnyzhou@chn-protech.com / sales@chn-protech.com for details.

        Adresse der Firma: Stra?e Baifuquan Nr.10 Changping Park Zhongguancun Wissenschaft und Technologie Park der Stadt Beijing,    Telefon:0086-10-89760039     Postleitzahl:102200

        von Beijing Protech neues Material Technologie GmbH reserviertes Copyright ICP000825