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        Hard Ballistic MaterialsYour current position:Home page > Products & Support > Hard Ballistic Materials
        Hard ballistic materials made from Aramid fiber or UHMWPE fiber are a kind of composite with higher rigidity. They are composed of fiber and special resin, and used for hard armor. Hard ballistic composite materials of Protech have a variety of advantages including lightweight, outstanding protective effect on resisting multiple bullets and sliced bullets; perfect chemical prope...    >> details

        Aramid UD Ballistic MaterialsMore>>

        Aramid UD ballistic composite materials are made from aramid fiber through a specific process technology, with the advantages of high strength, good bulletproof performance and high rigidity. It is widely used in the national defense industry.

        UHMWPE UD Ballistic MaterialsMore>>

        UHMWPE UD ballistic composite materials are widely used to make the bulletproof plate and bulletproof armor with high anti-impact toughness. They are used mainly for personnel body armor and vehicle armor.

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