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        Protech engaged in research, development, production, technology promotion and other activities in the field of ballistic and puncture-proof composite materials. The main materials had been widely used in bulletproof clothing, puncture-proof clothing, bulletproof & puncture-proof clothing, explosion-proof blankets, explosion-proof fences, bulletproof helmets, bullet-proof sh...    >> details

        Soft Protective MaterialsMore>>

        Lightweight soft protective composite materials developed by Protech independently are made from aramid or UHMWPE fiber together with special water-based resin. They are produced into sheet-like material in rolls by special technology. With lower areal density and better wearing c...

        Hard Ballistic MaterialsMore>>

        Hard ballistic materials made from Aramid fiber or UHMWPE fiber are a kind of composite with higher rigidity. They are composed of fiber and special resin, and used for hard armor. Hard ballistic composite materials of Protech have a variety of advantages including lightweight, ou...

        Down-stream ProductsMore>>

        Protech provides down-stream product production and processing services of ballistic composite materials.

        Technical SupportMore>>

        With a wealth of experience in R&D, production and down-stream applications of protective composite materials, Protech can provide professional technical support and services including optimization scheme recommended on using the material and advice and guidance on down-stream...

        Address:No.10, Baifuquan Road, Zhongguancun Science Park, Changping Sector, Changping District, Beijing, China 

        Tel: 0086-10-89760039    Zip Code: 102200