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        Enterprise CultureYour current position:Home page > Our Company > Enterprise Culture

        Enterprise Vision

        To be the most reliable manufacturer and partner of protective materials in the world

        Trust is the highest evaluation on the protection products. We would work hard to be the brand trusted by most customers, especially on technology innovation, product quality, marketing services and brand image.
        We wish to cooperate closely with customers to develop the broad market of protective materials by mutual benefit and win-win.


        Enterprise Mission
        Safety & Happiness
        As the basis of security field, "safety" is the premise of "happiness", and means life.
        "Safety and Happiness" is everlasting pursuit and commitment of Protech.
        Meanwhile , "Joyful work, happy life" is the condition of work and life respected by Protech.


        Core Values

        Commerce Personality, Customer Value, Integrity & Pragmatism, Innovation & Win-win

        Enterprise Purpose
        Science and technology promote the enterprise. Industry is to serve the society.

        Enterprise Spirit
        Share together, Win together.

        Enterprise Style
        Sincerity, Profession, Pragmatism, Efficiency.

        Enterprise Philosophy
        Business Philosophy: 
        Seeking development with the innovation of science and technology and striving for the survival by excellent quality.
        Talent Philosophy:
        People-oriented. Talent is the source of enterprise development.
        Quality Philosophy:
        Taking management and quality as fundament, Continuous improvement as power, Customers as God.
        Marketing Philosophy:
        Provide reliable products and services for customers.
        Cooperation Philosophy:
        Mutual trust and sincerity, Complementary advantages, Mutual benefit and Win-win.
        Responsibility Philosophy:
        Promoting orderly competition and sustainable development.



        Address:No.10, Baifuquan Road, Zhongguancun Science Park, Changping Sector, Changping District, Beijing, China 

        Tel: 0086-10-89760039    Zip Code: 102200